In Matt. 14:22-31

Jesus walked to meet His disciples on water and Peter said if it is you Lord command me to come, so the Lord said come just as He has said to you and me. On getting to Jesus He now started looking at the storm and not at Jesus instantly he became afraid and began to sink. But He did one one wise thing, He cried to Him “Lord save me” so he reached out his hand

And held Him.

In this very hard times it is important to keep focus

Keep faith in Christ

Keep out fear and keep in boldness Keep out doubt and focus your mind on His ability to save.

Jesus said to Peter “ o you of little faith why did you doubt”?

We should let our faith be strong and unshaken.

To be saved we need to look to Jesus in repentance and He will forgive our sins and deliver us from the pains of Hell

To remain in Him especially in times of tests, trials and temptation as we have now we need to keep focus on Him and avoid distractions

All that we are seeing now are distractions, some people are denigrating

Prayers, church, miracles, healings and even the word of God

But my brother pls maintain you vision of Christ Jesus and avoid distractions of the enemies of the gospel.

Heaven is our destination, maintains vision of Christ will get us there but yielding or succumbing to distraction or doubts will take us from there.

Beloved no matter how bad let us pray to God to hold us tight and keep our head straight looking at the cross


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