The Directorate of Mission and Evangelism was established in 2010 immediately after the inauguration of the Diocese. It was established to cater for the Mission and Evangelical work of the Diocese in accordance with number one mission statement of our Diocese.


The Diocesan, The Rt. Rev. J.O. Akinola is the Missioner; Ven. M.O. Adeoti, the Chairman while the Rev. Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire is the Director of Mission. Mr. E.A. Dada serves as the Secretary to the Directorate. The Directorate is the umbrella body of the following units: THE EVANGELISTS’ FORUM, EFAC, AYF, CNMS, AGED FELLOWSHIP, MEN’S FELLOWSHIP, etc.


At the One Day Synod of the Diocese, the Bishop mentioned some communities where the Diocese is going to cover. The areas are: Oke-Ola Oro, Agbeola Oro, Eggi-Oyo Ipo, Buari, Ilala, Amodu – Asungbolu, Falokun, Amberi, Eleyoka, Olotu, Ago Paanu etc.

The body immediately set the ball rolling by setting out to inspect and survey these committees. Meanwhile, about 95% of them are Muslim dominated communities.

However, the first ever mission week of the Diocese took this body to Igbonla and Agbamu Deaneries. At Igbonla, we went for three days crusade at Egudu –Oja and the community gave us a warm welcome. Some clothing materials were distributed to the needy and medical services with drugs were given to the community free of charge.

Also, a two day crusade was held at Olotu community, where cloths, food and drugs were dispensed free of charge to the people of the community. The mission week is fixed for October of every year. The Bishop and the entire Evangelical group – Workers and the Laities were on the field and fully residential for one week. At Agbamu Deanery in year 2010, we went to an interior village that was not motorable, we took motorcycles and some of our members trekked down to the mission area. Infact, the Bishop rode on motorcycle. This shows, we are having a rugged evangelism in the Diocese and the Bishop is in full support.

The following year, 2011, our Mission Week was held at Sanmora Deanery. Crusade was held in Sanmora and Agbeola communities. The body was able to win two families for the Lord. One of these new converts was sick and the Diocese took her to the hospital for admission. The hospital bill was paid by the Diocese. After the crusade at Agbeola,  a church was established in the community and named: OUR SAVIOUR ANGLICAN CHURCH, AGBEOLA, ORO with Evang. R.A. Obaniyi as the pioneer Pastor.

To the Glory of God, the Diocese had initially bought eight plots of land at Agbeola and one of our members released another eight plots of land to the Diocese. However, the Diocese is proposing to establish a Secondary School at Agbeola, Oro and one hundred plots of land had been bought for this purpose.

In March 2011, the Kwara State Anglican Students’ Fellowship (ASF) came together under one umbrella and chose the Diocese of Igbomina West as their mission area. They went to Ilala where we proposed to establish a church. They stayed in this community for three days with intensive and rugged evangelism. At the end of their three days programme, the Diocese started a church in that community.

The Diocese is sending people to this newly established church every Sunday with a Pastor to oversee the church. To glory of God, we were favoured in the presence of the community head i.e. The Aalla of Ilala. He stood beside us and make sure that we got our church located in the heart of the town. Though, he is a Muslim monarch but he did not allow religion to blindfold him. He said “I want a reformed community”. Ten plots of land had been acquired in the community and we are having a congregation of not less than forty, though majority of them are: Bassas and Markurdis (Tivs). A temporary shed had been on spot for them at the site and construction of modern structure is in the pipeline. The church was named: ANGLICAN CHURCH OF TRANSFIGURATION, ILALA” with Rev. O. Oyinloye as the pioneer Pastor.

In the year 2012, the mission week was moved to Eleyoka, a linear settlement along Ajasse-Ipo – Offa road. A three day crusade was held in the community. Meanwhile, prior to the time of our mission week, the Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF) Kwara State branch in conjunction with our Directorate Mission and Evangelism held a three day crusade with film show in the community in June, 2012. By October 2012, we came to review on what had been done previously.

After our missions at Eleyoka, a church was established and a residential Pastor was taken to the place, in person of Evang. Abel Adebayo. The Diocese is trying to procure some plots of land for our church in the community.

The Church at Alapata in Agbamu Deanery was established in 2010 when the Diocese was inaugurated. It is a Markurdi based church. The site of the community falls to Osun State and the landlords were not in good agreement with the settlers. On this issue, the Arigbamu of Agbamu land, His Royal Majesty Oba Olusola Dare  arranged for their movement to Agbamu land in Kwara State and the community was renamed ‘AGO-ISOLA’ and our church is progressing in ascending order in the community. The name of the church is “ANGLICAN CHURCH OF PENTECOST, AGO-ISHOLA” The pioneer Pastor Evang. Olugbenga Olujenyo while the present Minister in Charge of the Church is Evang. Ayo Oladimeji, who is now preparing for his Deaconate Ordination.

At Oke-Ola Oro, The first ever established church in the Diocese is ANGLICAN CHURCH OF ADVENT OKE-OLA, ORO”. This came into being when the Evangelical Team of Holy Trinity Oke-Ola, Oro in conjunction with the Directorate of Mission and Evangelism held a three day crusade at the site and the church was established in April, 2010 with Rev. J.A. Oni as the pioneer Pastor. This church is the fastest growing church among the newly established churches in the Diocese. The building of the church has reached the roofing level.

Another church named “ANGLICAN CHURCH OF REDEEMER, OKE OLA, ORO” was established in Oke-Ola behind Police Station. This church is the first and only English speaking congregations, it has over 60% Igbo worshippers. The pioneer Pastor was Rev. Canon E.A. Olawepo and he has been transferred and replaced with Rev. M.S. Omoyeni. The Directorate is proposing to hold year 2013 Mission Week in the church. The Diocese had bought two parcels of land for this church in separate locations. Meanwhile, a temporary structure had been put in place for the worshippers, courtesy of our Cathedral.

To God be the glory, the Holy Trinity church Oke Ola Oro in conjunction with Oke Ola Deanery organized a three day crusade last year (2012) July and another church was established at Irebode Oro and this church had been named by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese as “CHRIST THE MESSIAH ANGLICAN CHURCH, IREBODE-ORO” The pioneer pastor was Rev. D.T. Olorundare but he had been transfer and replaced by the Rev. Canon F.O. Kumuyi. A temporary structure had been put in place for the worshippers.

The body is planning in conjunction with Oke-Ola Deanery to establish another church along Oke-Ola /Agbeola, Oro, behind Olayori Filling Station, God willing before the end of the year.

At Iludun-Oro Deanery, another church was established at Oke Omore in Eju land and it was named: “ANGLICAN CHURCH OF RESURRECTION, ILUDUN-EJU.

To God be all glory, since the inauguration of this Diocese, seven churches had been established they are:

  1. Anglican Church of Advent, Oke Ola, Oro
  2. Anglican Church of Pentecost, Ago Ishola, Agbamu
  3. Anglican Church of Resurrection, Oke Omore Iludun
  4. Anglican Church of Redeemer, Oke Ola, Oro
  5. Our Saviour Anglican Church, Agbeola, Oro
  6. Anglican Church of Transfiguration, Ilala
  7. Christ the messiah Anglican Church, Irebode-Oro

The Bishop is proposing to establish twenty churches before he retires in the next four years.

We also want to bring it on record that the following churches are under construction due to the efforts of the Bishop:

-          St Peter’s Anglican Church, Agidingbi (Markurdi church)

-          Anglican Church of Advent, Oke Ola, Oro

Work will soon start on the construction of the following churches before the end of the year.

-          Anglican Church of Pentecost, Ago Ishola, Agbamu

-          Christ Anglican Church, Were, Agbamu

-          Anglican Church of Transfiguration, Ilala

While the following churches had just be completed and dedicated for worship, courtesy of Otunba Agbo Onifade (JP)

-          Anglican Church of Assension, Iludun -Oro

-          Anglican Church of Resurrection, Oke Omore Iludun Eju

At this juncture, we want to appeal to the well to do people of God to assists our Diocese in building more churches. The Bishop is welcoming anyone who wants to build a church for the worshippers and name her in memory of his/her late parent (s). The returns from seed of faith are used to do most of these projects.


The Directorate of Mission and Evangelism is anchoring a programme called “JESUS FESTIVAL”. This programme is aimed at pulling crowd from the four cardinal points of our Diocese to the Headquarters – Cathedral for a day Revival Programme. The programme is designed to be a celebration of the children of God during the Christmas period. A preacher is invited to charge people with the Word of God.

At the commencement of the programme, every parish is expected to dance to the venue of the programme and also to get their chairs and canopies ready in the compound of the Cathedral, Iludun Oro for the powerful message from the invited minister.

The first year witnessed Ven. O. Olajobi as the Guest Minister while Lady Evang. Aranloye minister in songs. The second year witnessed the Rt. Rev. S.T.G. Adewole as the guest minister while the Diocesan Mass Choir minister in songs. The third year witnessed Evang. (Prof) Adegboye.

We want to bless God in the life of Otunba Agbo Onifade who promised the production of the programme pamphlet every year since year 2011. Plan is in the making to see to the increment in the production of this programme so that many souls would be touched.



Under this body, the Diocese is holding a praise and miracle night every three months – March, June, September and December. The first of its kind was held in March 2010 with the Rev. Ola-Vincent Akinduntire as the Guest Minister. It was a remarkable programme on that faithful night. After his ministration, the Bishop was moved and preferred him to the canonry status. This programme is being anchored by the duo of the Rev. Oludare Eegundina and Rev. Meshach S. Omoyeni. We have been having a wonderful testimony on this programme. Two monarchs – His Royal Majesty Alayetoro of Ayetoro – Ekiti (Ekiti State) and His Royal Majesty Elegosi of Egosi (Kwara State) had been invited for ministrations. This body (DME) is producing an annual prayer bulletin for the use of the children of God within and outside the Diocese.


The Diocese deems it fits to have her own bible study outlines to compliment that of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). This production started in year 2011. A bilingual outlines is being released every year for the use of our Diocese and beyond. These outlines had helped to shape the members of our Diocese and it affords our members the privilege of contributing during the study. Thanks to the Diocesan who encouraged many of our churches to insert bible study into the order of the service every Sunday. We want to appreciate the efforts of the writers, the editors, translators and users. We promise that in our next edition, we shall put it on ‘internet’ as well as our Prayer Bulletin.

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) and Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF). these  two bodies are being coordinated by the duo of the Rev. Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire and the Rev. Abraham Ekundayo respectively. The membership of these bodies is still going on in the churches that are having members. We have being duly represented in all the bloc and National Conventions since the inauguration of the Diocese.

Finally, vivid reports and happens in some units like:

-          CNMS

-          YOUTH



-          READERS, and

-          EVANGELISTS, would be mentioned in the reports of every coordinator



The Revd Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire

Director of Mission

0803 240 6766/0807 819 3850




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