The vision for Christian Teacher’s forum is a direct consequence of the burden for academic and moral excellence spare headed by the Diocese of Igbomina West. At the inauguration on 18th January 2011, The Diocesan, The Rt. Revd J.O. Akinola lamented the poor performance of students in their examination results on obvious and undeniable moral laxity on the part of the pupils/students and teachers. He noted with displeasure that it was not so from the beginning. He said optimistically that the forum has the objective of bringing back the old time merit and excellence. It is also to encourage Christian teachers to note the peculiarity in their calling as teachers and rise to the challenges in the teaching profession in order to make a difference. He said assertively and categorically that if Christian teachers would live up to their responsibilities, God will manifest Himself in our schools, homes and churches. The Diocesan concluded his address by saying that we should underplay our denominational inclinations and work collectively as teachers and that the path of the righteous is like a shining bright light which increase in its glory per day.

The Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. James, Iludun Oro, Ven. M.O. Adeoti submitted inter alia:

-          That the economic downfall of this Nation, Nigeria is our making

-          That God is always looking for one man to fill the gap –an intercessor

-          That Christian teachers need to evangelize the students and co-teachers

-          He also mentioned the poor academic performance in the schools- students, teachers and parents to be      blamed in some cases.

-          He gave exposition on John  21:5-7 and concluded by posing two pertinent questions from the lips of Jesus;

  1. Do you love me more than this?
  2. Where is the glory of Jesus Christ in teacher’s profession?


The Chaplain, Rev J.A. Oni read Col. 2:6-7 and charged Christian teachers to be excited to work for Jesus Christ. He asked rhetorically, “What is the expectation of God from each of us as Christian teachers?” He reminded members that Christianity goes beyond denominational inclination. He encouraged the people to emulate the service life of our Lord Jesus Christ. He pointed out that Christian teachers have great opportunities to engage in covenant kingdom service in various schools despite the waves of moral laxity that has permeated the life of schools. He said further that God is counting on Christian teachers to bring sanity and fear of God to our schools and offices. Two pertinent questions were posed:

  1. What can Christian Teachers do to make maximum impact?
  2. What does God expect from Christian teachers?


It is worth nothing that at the meeting held after inauguration, the chaplain, after reading II Cor. 5:19-20, described the forum as a meeting meant to pray on issues and events affecting the destiny of the covenant children over who we are made overseers. It is also a forum to encourage ourselves and motivate one another to good works.


Teachers are hereby described as Christ Ambassadors representing Christ in the market place (the school). Therefore, Christians must see that they do not fail to occupy for Him effectively so that the Master would regard us as good and faithful servants.


Other Significance of Christian Teachers’ Forum

The forum will help the Christian teacher to be involved in the discovery and recovery processes. It is only profound discovery of vision that can lead to outstanding recovery from failure, shame and stagnation.

The Christian teacher occupies a vintage position in the life of the pupils who are the hidden stars. The Christian teacher is able to offer a peculiar service beyond the ordinary teacher. The ordinary teacher teaches the  pupils to earn a living, but the Christian teacher has additional capacity of teaching the pupil has to be vibrantly alive, earn a living and most importantly add value to people’s life. His pupils are not just blessed but become blessings to others – in the order of Abraham.

The pupils that pass through the influence of the Christian teacher is made to undertake the three basic discoveries:

  1. The discovery of his Maker as early as possible Eccl 12:1-
  2. The discovery of his vision or life’s assignment i.e. the purpose for which he was created
  3. The discovery of his helper or partner with whom he will undertake his life’s assignment.

It is also within the scope of the Christian teachers’ task to lead the pupil to develop his discovered vision and finally develop it or put it to practical use thereby living a fulfilled life – that will bring profit to him, parents, church, society, Nation and ultimately glorifying God his maker and manufacturer. This task is enhanced by the Christian teacher’s possession of the manufacturer’s manual that teaches the users of the product, the purpose and the correct handling of the product.

Catchment Areas of the Forum: Schools in Igbomina West and Igbomina Dioceses

Meetings and Activities: The forum meets quarterly for various activities including health talk, seminars, Workshop, exhortation and prayer. The forum also allows for relevant and current information that will make the Christian teacher offer unique services.

Officers of The Forum: Presently are the following:

  1. Coordinator:                Mr. O.S. Awolaran I.A.G.C. Iludun Oro
  2. Secretary:                    Pastor J.K. Asonibare – G.D.S.S. Ijan- Otun
  3. PRO:                           Mr. Johnson Komolafe – ICOHS, Iludun –Oro
  4. The Chaplain:              Revd. J.A. Oni








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