The Organization is divided into three sections: Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls/Ladies Guild.

The Organization was inaugurated in the year 2010 with Mama Beatrice Muyiwa Akinola as the President, and Baba, The Rt. Rev. James Olaoti Akinola as the Patron. The Secretary of the Mothers’ Union is Mrs. Florence Modupe Oni, while the Women Guild’s Secretary is Mrs. Modupe Oluwafunmilayo Adesina. The Rev. Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire is the Chaplain of the Women Organization.

The women organization had the same vision and mission alongside the Diocese.


The Organization annual Conference holds every August with theme choosing under the guidance of Holy Spirit through the President. Other programmes of the body are as follows: Quarterly Retreat, Bi-Monthly Joint Prayer Meeting with Fasting anchored by the Prayer and Spiritual unit of the Organization.



The first Women’s Conference was held at the Cathedral Church of St. James Iludun –Oro, between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th August, 2010 with the THEME: “A JOYOUS HOME” taken from Colossian 3:18-22.


The opening service was held on Friday 13th with the Lord Bishop presiding over the service, assisted by the Clergy of the Diocese. The Bishop emphasized on the need for every child of God to have a Joyous Home. A home where Bible is taught, where humility is practiced, where peace abounds and where relationship is very much cordial.


The Conference prayer was offered as follow:

Almighty God our Father, heed the deepest desire of my heart. To have a home, filled with love and gladness. Give us a joyous home and a safe heaven for the troubled and broken hearted in Jesus name. Amen. 

Mothers’ Union and Women’s Guild Prayer were also offered simultaneously.


The President delivered her maiden address on Saturday 14th amidst the congregation of people of God from within and outside the Diocese. She started her address by eulogizing her husband who gave her the opportunity to become the President of the organization. She also welcome all the invited guests present. Among the Special Guests were: Dr. (Mrs.) Dupe Agboola, Chief (Mrs.) E.O. Onifade, Prince Ademola Owolabi and Mr. Sunday Oyinloye.

She also expressed her appreciation to the Guest Speakers: Matron Kunbi Adebayo of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Wesley Guild, Ilesa; and Professor (Mrs.) Dupe Kolawole, of Kwara State University, Molete Ilorin. The first conference Chaplain in person of the Rev. M.S. Omoyeni, the Diocesan Women Chaplain, The Rev. Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire and the Quiz Master of the conference, Rev. A. O. Ekundayo were also appreciated. Mrs. I.O. Ademowo of Lagos Province was not let out in her appreciation.


In her address, she outlined the goal and objectives of Women Organization of the Diocese to complement that of the Diocese.

Goal: That every home should be Christ centered


  1. That every woman should accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  2.  That every woman live a humble life which will help her husband to live up to his responsibilities at home
  3. That every woman should nurture her child(ren) in the fear and way of the Lord Jesus
  4. That every mother should be a good example in the home, church, community and nation at large.

To achieve this goal and objectives, we need the involvement of the Holy Spirit as our senior partner.

According to her in defining the theme of the conference, Mama Akinola defined joy as a great happiness, a feeling of great pleasure especially of a spiritual kind.

Joyous is an act of expressing JOY. It is a state of fullness of Joy especially of a fervent and unrestrained nature.

Home refers to as a family or any other group that lives together.

Therefore, a Joyous Home can be said to be that family where there is an expression of great pleasure of a spiritual kind.

For every family, the source of joy is doing the will of God and walking uprightly with Him                    (Ps 84:11). She also gave an example of the effect of home on members, like:

  1. Reuben who laid with his father’s concubines (Gen. 35:22)
  2. Dinah, who going about aimlessly and was defiled (Gen.34)
  3. Jacob’s sons, who conspired to sell their brother, because of jealousy (Gen. 37:26-28)


In her further explanations, she said women are good material in “Home construction”, therefore every woman has a lot to do in her home: caring for the children as well as her husband. According to her, various misconducts in our society were as a result of homes which are devoid of joy. Children from these homes will look elsewhere to find joy but unfortunately, they go to the wrong place. She also said that husbands are also good material to bring about joy in the home. Husband and wife playing their roles effectively according to the word of God will raise a good offspring that would improve our society. Such children would have solace at home and have examples to follow.


In conclusion, there is a home whose joy cannot be quantified, whose joy is everlasting and is for all who will humbly request for it. This home can only be seen in Jesus. Jesus wants you to come to him so that you can have a joyous home here on earth and beyond.


The Women Organization is planning to construct a Skill Acquisition Centre where children and even adults in the Diocese and beyond could learn to be Computer Literate at an affordable cost. This laudable programme would need at least 10PC systems, stand by generator, an office/shop, electrical fittings (etc), and at least a Trainer who would be paid monthly. All these would cost about N820,000.



The second Women Conference was held at the Cathedral Church of St. James, Iludun-Oro from Friday 12th to Sunday 15th August, 2011 with the Theme “AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH”Mk. 10:8

The Conference started with a service of Holy Communion which was presided over by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Igbomina West, the Rt. Rev. J.O. Akinola assisted by the Priest of the Diocese.

The Conference Prayer was “We are grateful, Lord, for the institution of marriage and specifically for our marriage. Grant that we may grow in our relationship of one flesh as we share our hearts and lives together, through Jesus Christ our Lord”. Amen.

This year conference took a new dimension by the virtue of Guests of Honour that were invited:

Conference Father    -        Hon. Justice J.A. Ibiwoye (rtd)

Conference Mother   -        Mrs. M.A. Adekeye

Conference Couple   -        Dr. Adeola Olufemi & Mrs. Abosede, Oluwaseyi Oyebamiji

The Diocesan Adviser for Women Work.

-          Prof (Mrs.) Mary E. Kolawole

-          Prof. (Mrs.) S.O. Malomo

-          Mrs. Emiola Folayan

-          Mrs. R.A. Jolayemi

-          Mrs. D.E. Abikoye

-          Princess Grace Omolola Olobayo

Rev. Oludare Eegundina served as the Conference Chaplain.


The President read her address on the second day of the Conference. She started by appreciating God for His wonderful deeds in the lives of members of the Organization as well as the Diocese as a whole. She also appreciated the response of the Invited Guests and also commended the effort of the Clergy wives and their husbands.

She the reports of the happenings in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.


She re-echoed the issue of the Skill Acquisition Centre mentioned during the last year Presidential Address. She reported that the foundation of the Center would be laid during this year conference. The site was a plot of land beside the Cathedral English Youth Chapel, Iludun-Oro. The Centre would accommodate:

-          Computer Training Centre

-          Catering Training Institute

-          Fashion Designing Institute

-          Office for Women workers.

The Centre received a blessing from Mrs. Yinka Adeyemi, Federal Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare Abuja. Who made available some of the equipment needed in the Centre. Arc. Yinka Adeleke’s effort was also commended for providing a modern Drawing for the building.


On the theme of the Conference, according to her, for two to become one, the following must be considered.

-          There should be one voice between husband and wife

-          Understanding of one another (Communication)

-          Submission

-          ‘Agape’ Love

-          Complementing each other’s effort

-          The couple must stay together, pray together, eat together, discuss together (etc).

-          Appreciating one another

-          Mutual esteem

-          Forgive one another

-          Improvement on relationship with Jesus

If these are properly maintenance, the benefit would be enjoyed by both of them – husband and wife. That is, they will have:

-          Good reward of their labour

-          A good and responsible children

-          Peace at home and every aspect of their lives

-          Victory for the family over the power of the evil one.


She did not stop her address without mentioning the effect of the subject of the conference. Looking around the world today, one can see houses being devastated, single parenting, harlotry, armed robbery, examination malpractices, drug trafficking, occultism in our higher institutions of learning, hired assassins, immorality and alcoholism to mention but a few. All these and many others are the by-product of husband and wife not being one at home.

She concluded her address by appreciating God for the success of the General Election in the nation. She wished the elected President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a fulfilled tenure in the office.



The third Women Conference of the Organization was held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Agbamu, the Headquarter of Agbamu Deanery, from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August, 2012 with the Theme “HER CHILDREN ---- CALL HER BLESSED” Prov. 31:28.


Conference Father    -        Sir Peter A. Adeleke

Conference Mother   -        Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adedoyin

Conference Couple   -        Engr. & Mrs. M.A. Adewuyi and Mr. & Mrs. Opeyemi Abogan

Conference Daughter-        Miss Omotolani Inioluwa Dosunmu


The Conference Prayer was:

“Gracious Heavenly father, we thank you for the gift of children, who are your heritage. Grant us Heavenly father that we may lay a good foundation by leaving an exemplary Christian life, for our children according to your word. Father, teach us to bring them up in the nature and admonition of your word. Also equip us to teach over children to the worthy ambassadors of your word. Grant dear Lord, our children the grace to always be a source of joy to you and their parents, all the days of their lives in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Amen.

Mothers’ Union and Women’s Guild Prayers were also offered one often the other.


As usual, the opening service was conducted with Holy Communion which was presided over by the patron of the organizations, the Rt. Rev. J.O. Akinola with the priests of the Diocese. In his exhortation, he spoke extensively on the Theme of the conference; he highlighted what parents can do to their children that will allow them to call their parent blessed.  He also stated the qualities of good and responsible parents as recorded in proverbs and other books of the bible.


On Saturday 11th August, 2012 the President, Mama Beatrice Akinola delivered her address. As usuall, she started by appreciating God Almighty, her husband, Baba Olaoti Akinola, the Clergy, clergy wives and the host community, Agbamu. She was indeed very greatful to the effort of the host vicar and wife, Rev. Canon and Mrs. R.O. Ajibola as well as Agbamu Deanery.


She welcomed all the Invited Guests: Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adedoyin; Sir. Peter A. Adeleke; Engr. & Mrs. M.A.A. Adewuyi; Mr. & Mrs. Philip Opeyemi Abogan and Miss Omololani Inioluwa Dosunmu, a three and half year old girl from the Church of Ascension Oke Osin, Iludun-Oro, who performed excellently well in “Naira –a-job” during year 2012 Girls Guild week. Rev. J.A. Oni, the Conference Chaplain efforts was also commended. Others were Mrs. Tessy Olaoye, Guest Speaker on the theme of the conference as well as Mrs. Elizabeth Olabisi Eboda, who handled the Health Talk.


She reported on the progress of work on the building for the skill Acquisition Centre. According to her, the estimated cost of the roofing is about Six Hundred Thousand Naira (N600,000). She therefore appealed to all to rise to the help of the Women Organization in completing the project. She also announced to the conference that two weeks after the last conference, the Lord surprised the Organization with a gift of an Eighteen Seater Bus which was donated by some group anchored by Sir. G. O. Folayan and Mrs. Emiola Folayan.


On the Theme of the Conference “HER CHILDREN ---- CALL HER BLESSED” Prov. 31:28, according to her, “CHILDREN” in this passage referred to her biological children and those children under her custody “HER” refers to the woman, mother and wife. “CHILDREN” are gifts from God, anyone who receives them is privileged. They are trust which God has put in our care. So, a gift which one cherished is usually protected, guarded and guided in order not to lose it.        

‘BLESSED’ Bless, blessing, this could be considered in four ways:

-          When God blesses men (Gen. 1:2, 22:17)

-          When Men bless God(Ps. 103:1,2,145:1-3)

-          Men bless their fellow men (Gen. 48:1-28)

-          At meals, an apparent reference to a custom among Jews. Bread and wine were passed and thanks offered to God for His mercies.



©      She seeks the good of her family

©      She feeds her family on time

©      She provides for the needs of her family

©      She guards her family against enemy of evil

©      She wakes up very early to plan for the welfare of her family

©      She prays for the family and teaches the family to pray

©      She renders help for others

©      She is a good manager

©      She is a good instructor

©      She is industrious

©      She sees to the good education of her children

©      She excels and other women in wifehood, motherhood, religion and the likes.


Mama Akinola encouraged wife, mother and parents not to sleep on duty (training of children) but to wake up and see that their children excel. For Samuel’s mother – Hannah did not sleep but up and doing for the care of her child.  She rounded off with Prov. 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he/she should go and when he/she is old he/she will not depart from it.”



The organization has different departments that sees to her spiritual, physical, financial (etc) for the uplift of her members.



The Prayer and Spirituality unit of the Organization is being coordinated by Mrs. A.O. Adeoti and Mrs. G.B. Olonade. They organize quarterly one day Fasting And Prayer Retreat that brings all women in the Diocese together for Prayer and Bible study. This programme had cut across the Archdeacon, Deaneries in the Diocese as well as the Cathedral. Testimonies had been recorded. The Women Chaplain has been a very good instrument in this unit and the members are very dedicated.

This unit is also functioning in the province as well as Church of Nigeria as a whole. The Prayer Coordinator – Mrs. G.B. Olonade represented the Diocese in Enugu at the prayer organized by the Women Wing of the Anglican Communion Nationwide, held between May 29th and June 2, 2012.



This unit is a two-man committee, it deals with sales of selling of Cards, Almanac, Periodicals and Uniform of the Women Organization. These are some of the areas where income are being generated into the purse of the organization as well as “Apoti Momoore Oluwa” which is being collected twice in a year. This unit is being coordinated by Mrs. A.O. Adeoti.

Other sources of income for the organizations beside those mentioned above are Midyear and End of the Year Thanksgiving, Naira – A- Job for the Girls’ Guild, Women Week and Family Get Together.


Other activities of the organization are:

-          Workshop

-          Seminar

-          Training


Mothers’ Union Quiet Day: is an annual event in which members of this body would come from difference parishes and gathered at Cathedral Youth Chapel to observe one day retreat led by the Diocesan Bishop – Rt. Rev. J. O. Akinola.

Wave of prayer: This is a worldwide event and is always taking place at one church for a start and the subsequent days would be held at the individual churches. It would be rounded –up with thanksgiving service at the starting point.

Mothering Sunday is annual event which is normally falls in the third Sunday of Lent. Mothers would be allowed to perform series of activities husband would give them gifts.

Widows/Needy Programme: the organization had been trying her best to see to the need of the widows within the Diocese and outside. In the year 2013, the organization took some gifts items to the Orphanage at Idofian, Kwara State.

It also donated ‘Hair Dryers’ to two women and one 2.7kv Generating plant to a woman. All in a bid to fulfill the poverty alleviation programme it embarked on.

The Organization also organize yearly Girls and Ladies Guild this camp, which always falls in October period at the Iludun-Oro Anglican Girls College. Programmes include: Bible Study, Bible Quiz, Sporting activities, Handwork, Drama and Cooking competitions are not left out.


To God be all glory,the year 2013 Women’s Conference would be holding at Ancient city of Igbonla between Friday 9th and Sunday 11th, August, 2013. This will mark the 4th of its kind in the Diocese. The Theme is “BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE.”


 Rev. Canon Ola-Vincent Akinduntire

             Women’s Chaplain



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